Fighting tooth decay

Conservative dentistry is a department of dentistry that deals with the treatment of caries, a disease considered the most common cause of tooth loss. Treatment consists of removing damaged and infected tooth fragments and reconstructing its original structure. In our work we are guided by the principle of minimally invasive action, which in practice means that we treat the smallest losses, not waiting for their development, we can then protect and keep healthy tissues that are not yet infected by bacteria.


At Triodental, we use high quality composite and ceramic materials

In the case of large losses of tooth tissues, also after endodontic treatment, we perform fillings using the indirect method, ie. through the prosthetic laboratory. Such fillings are characterized by greater durability and resistance to the forces acting on teeth during chewing. These can be both composite and ceramic fillings, depending on the oral conditions. This type of filling is called depending on the extent of the restored fragments of the tooth crown: inlay, onlay or overlay.