New in Triodental!


Digital Smile Design (DSD) – digital smile design.

DSD is an innovative method of smile visualization showing the desired effect before starting the treatment process.

Thanks to DSD, we can precisely plan the appearance of teeth and choose their shape for the type of face. We use ready-made templates, as well as create individual tooth shapes based on averaged patterns of the most beautiful smiles. This is the best way to create a smile in a predictable way.


What is it about?

The first stage is to take a series of photographic images and taking impressions, then in the computer application the doctor designs the future smile, choosing the shape of new teeth, so that it best fits the anatomical shape of the face. After this step, you can see your face on the computer monitor with a designed, new smile.

The next step is the visualization of a smile in the mouth or trying on new, temporary teeth. For this purpose, a dental technician prepares waxed gypsum models in accordance with the design accepted by us. Thanks to this, we can not only see the design of the teeth in the pictures but also try them on and see in the mirror.

Only now, when we see the end result, we start planning treatment. The methods of achieving a dream smile can be different: they can be prosthetic solutions, such as porcelain crowns or veneers, also based on implants, sometimes you should wear an orthodontic appliance or make a gum correction. All these services are available in our office.

So planned treatment gives the Patient the opportunity to participate in the creation of his new smile, the final effect ceases to be a surprise giving full satisfaction.