New in the Triodental !

Treatment of caries by infiltration using an innovative ICON preparation

Infiltration is a completely new method of treating initial caries revealing in the form of white spots, reaching up to 1/3 of the dentine depth. It involves the use of a liquid preparation for previously dried and specially prepared tooth surfaces. Infiltrat tightly fills the demineralized surfaces of enamel, creating a protective barrier, resistant to acids and bacteria.

The treatment is completely painless and takes place without the use of a drill. Depending on the number of discolored surfaces it lasts from half to one hour and takes only one visit. The effects are immediate and spectacular. White spots disappears and the enamel is protected against further development of caries.

White spots, except the unfavorable appearance, are the first stage of caries. This is the stage when the changes are still reversible, so it is worth applying for their completion and protection of the enamel by the method of infiltration. In subsequent stages of caries development when bacteria penetrate deep into the dentine, the changes are irreversible and for the purpose of treatment it is necessary to use a drill and fill the cavity with a composite material.

White spots most often appear in people:

– after orthodontic treatment,

– taking medicines during the development of permanent teeth,

– with fluorosis,

– with disturbed hormone management.

We encourage you to make an appointment and consult a doctor to assess and qualify the teeth for the confluence.