Orthodontic treatment involves the elimination of malocclusion and allows you to restore the natural look of your smile. It can be carried out regardless of the patient’s age. The basic tool for correction of malocclusion is orthodontic appliances, which we divide into:

Fixed appliances

– metal braces (self-ligating devices or apparatus with colored rubber bands – ligatures),

– cosmetic (ceramic or crystal),

– retention appliances – after basic treatment, to maintain the effects of treatment.

Functional appliances

– the type of device and its structure depend on the malocclusion diagnosed in the patient.


Stages of orthodontic treatment:

– diagnostics: examination and preparation of diagnostic materials (gypsum models of patient’s teeth, X-rays and photos, so-called outside-oral – photographic),

– discussion of the treatment plan: selection of the type of apparatus, discussion of the treatment, discussion of the costs of treatment,

– the establishment of an orthodontic appliance combined with instructions on how to handle the apparatus (hygiene, food, or failures),

– control visits,

– camera photo: outside-oral, X-ray, plaster models,

– permanent retainer placement, shallow or retention rail,

– control visits with retention.

During orthodontic treatment, regular visits are crucial, the way of brushing and care of the oral cavity is also important, which is why we pay special attention to hygiene, to enjoy not only a simple but healthy smile after the orthodontic treatment.