Beautiful and healthy smile is one of the most important elements of our presence. A consultation visit is an indispensable step in starting treatment. We treat each patient exceptionally and we prepare the treatment plan individually, depending on the needs. We suggest how to prepare for the first visit:

  • Please come 10 minutes in advance to complete the documents (ID) needed to set up the card.
  • On the first visit, we gather an interview and perform a dental examination, we recommend panoramic x-ray which will facilitate more accurate diagnostics.
  • If you have such a photo taken max. 2 years ago, please bring it with you on your first visit.
  • We can start treatment at the same visit, if of course it is possible and you wish it.
  • The cost of the examination is then PLN 50 + the cost of the surgery.
  • If we only carry out the examination or consultations, the visit is payable according to the price list.
  • In a situation where a dental examination demonstrates the necessity of performing a cleansing procedure, i.e. removing the stone and sandblasting, the treatment may be performed in the next step. This will allow you to work in an environment with a reduced amount of bacteria and possible identification of defects undetected during the study, and located under the tartar.