We recommend the most tested and effective teeth whitening methods. For this purpose, we use Opallescence material with appropriate concentration for a given method. We offer two methods for whitening: home and in-office.

The home whitening method:

It consists in applying 10-15% of the preparation applied to previously, individually prepared rails. It is recommended to put rails on the night, because this method requires several hours of contact of the gel with the surface of the teeth. We usually use such a therapy for about two weeks, but it can be extended up to six weeks if necessary.

In-office whitening method:

It consists in using a preparation with a higher concentration, additionally using a special gel that protects the surrounding tissues against irritation. This method is recommended for patients who expect a faster effect, because the treatment lasts about 45 minutes.

To achieve the best results and the perfect color of the teeth, prepare yourself. It will be necessary to visit a hygienist who will cleanse the teeth from outside-derived discolorations. In the case of teeth with damaged enamel surface as a result of malformations or fluorosis, the teeth will require special preparation involving the removal of the superficial enamel layer, i.e. microabrasion of enamel using a special paste. An example of the effect of enamel microabrasion can be seen here. Teeth prepared in this way can be whitened.

In order to maintain the effect, we also recommend the use of so-called ‘white diet’, which means avoiding drinks and foods such as coffee, tea, red fruit juice or red wine. By following these recommendations, the effect of whitened teeth can last for many months.

The methods proposed in our office are completely safe and the only side effect is temporary teeth sensitivity.